Holistic and Relational Care for Women.

Quiet Earth Midwifery seeks to nurture women as they become mothers, whether it be the first or the tenth time. With the philosophy of cultivating health, our goal is to respect the innate ability women have to take the journey of becoming life-bearers. We believe that pregnancy and childbirth have the ability to heal old wounds, empower the body, mind and soul, and strengthen family bonds in such a way that promotes the responsible parenting which stabilizes culture and society.

Pregnancy is often a vulnerable time in a woman’s life, so we offer care which creates a safe and loving place for women from all backgrounds, faiths, and traditions. We strive to avoid interventions while protecting the wellbeing of both mother and baby through clinical experience and intuition. We believe in full and open communication between caregivers and clients. We have particular compassion and training for those women who are abuse survivors, believing that childbirth can empower them in a singular way to heal, grow, and blossom.

Nicole Staniger, CPM, LM

Nicole Staniger is a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife in California and Texas. Nicole's heart for midwifery stems from a desire to help women find healing and restoration in one of the most transformational experiences of their lives.  She does this through a focus on holistic midwifery care which incorporates ancient wisdom about healing with the host of natural remedies and medicine that surrounds us in the natural world. Nicole attended the Association of Texas Midwives Training Program, certified through the National Association of Registered Midwives, and earned her Associates of Science in Midwifery from National College of Midwifery.

Nicole has a Bachelor's degree in Women's Counseling and worked in many countries with orphans before specializing in prostitute rehabilitation counseling. The first baby she delivered was to a former prostitute who had come to her in labor in 2005. This impactful experience later led her to pursue midwifery and to be a voice of courage in the deliveries of over 300 women in North Texas since 2009, where she also delivered her three children at home. Nicole brings a presence of gentle strength to pregnant couples which encourages an environment of trust and security in which women can embrace the healing of childbirth.

“Oh how words can't describe my love for this woman. The care, wisdom, and spiritual & parental guidance she blessed me with over two pregnancies and labors/births has been worth more than words can describe and money can buy. I love her so so much.”