Upcoming Intensive Class!  Saturday, August 11th, 9-5 & Aug. 12th, 1-3p in Westwood, Ca.  Contact for more info or to RSVP.  $200/couple or $100 for Quiet Earth Clients


Natural Childbirth Group Classes

In a culture that views pregnancy and labor as conditions needing treatment and symptom management, Quiet Earth Midwifery seeks to equip and guide clients to view these as normal, trustworthy and innate processes of human existence. “Natural Childbirth” doesn’t just mean a drug-free birth, but a delivery in which the mother and partner feel empowered regardless of which unexpected directions their journey takes.

In our classes, we aim to prepare parents to approach pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum, and the rest of parenthood as one continuous intentional journey.  We find that pregnancy is a very concentrated dose of what the rest of parenting is, and so our classes are uniquely geared towards developing your own parental philosophy and path both in pregnancy and beyond.  We will also discuss the normal physiology of birth and rehearse support and centering measures so that birth and postpartum can unfold as an instinctive rhythm.  We integrate various techniques, including aspects of the Bradley Method, LaMaze, Birthing From Within, and Hypnobirthing.  

Natural Childbirth Individual Classes

Many people prefer to have Individual classes due to scheduling difficulties or the desire for a more intimate setting.  The same material as the group classes will be covered, though with uniquely customized material due to the comfort and privacy your home provides.

Postpartum/Birth Trauma Group Classes

The human being has the amazing ability to adapt and integrate past traumas and dramas.  In today’s age, however, sometimes we get very good at talking about our traumas.  It is good to be able to talk about them and reason through them, but we often forget to respect the memory of the body and soul as well as the mind. Because the childbearing year can be so impactful, it can have a deep negative effect on us as well as positive. Our group class is designed to help you share your story in a safe space and then incorporates some mind/body/soul freedom techniques to help your whole being release and let go. This is typically a 2-session class, though if the group would like to have it lengthened, we can add another session.

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