Providing care in a 2 hour radius of Lake Almanor, California.

Prenatal, Home Birth & Postpartum Services

Receive your care in the comfort and security of your own home.  We believe this will help enable you to remain open and integrate the changes which occur during the journey of childbearing.  When baby day comes, you will be in a familiar space with people of your choosing to support you through the labor of childbirth and rejoice with you as you bring your new child into the world.

Prenatal appointments are on the traditional schedule of every four weeks beginning at 12 weeks, every 2 weeks beginning at 28 weeks, and weekly from 36 weeks to delivery.  When labor begins, we will be in touch during early labor and when you feel you are in need of our support or are in active labor, we will attend you through delivery. Postpartum, we will have a phone appointment at 24 hours,  a home visit at 2-3 days afterwards, and a 2 week postpartum appointment.

  • Comprehensive, holistic, relationship-based prenatal care throughout pregnancy
  • Prenatal visits in the comfort and security of your own home
  • Lab work done at your home visits, so no additional trips to a lab are necessary
  • Personalized nutritional and herbal guidance will be woven throughout your visits
  • Ultrasound referral to a sonographer in your locale
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning wisdom and experience
  • 24/7 access to a midwife for any concerns
  • Respectful, attentive, personalized support in your home once active labor is established
  • Water birth 
  • VBAC home deliveries    
  • Insurance Billing through Midwives Advantage
  • Self-pay discount available for clients paying out of pocket

Water Birth

Laboring in water has been called by some “the midwife’s epidural” for its dramatic effect on reducing the pain of labor. The more relaxed a woman can stay, the less intense her labor pain as she is able to embrace the contraction surges. The simple act of immersing yourself in a spacious tub of warm water immediately soothes the body, allowing buoyancy and a loss of gravity to assist with labor. We are experienced in attending water births and encourage you to labor and birth in any location you find comfortable. 

Quiet Earth Midwifery has birth tubs for rent and will bring all the necessary equipment to your delivery, so that postpartum you and your partner are free to enjoy your new little one.

Fertility Counseling

The best time to prepare your body for a child is before conception. Many women struggle to become pregnant and this can arouse fear and panic.  We integrate natural holistic therapies in our fertility consultations to encourage the body’s innate ability to heal and thrive.  Sometimes this will involve laboratory tests to assess hormone levels, thyroid function, or vitamin/mineral levels in your body so that we can optimize the personalization of your treatment.  We have found that nature has a bountiful supply of supplements which have been used for centuries to increase reproductive health in all stages of the life journey, but we also recognize that there is a time for interventive and pharmaceutical help as well.  We have trusted colleagues who we may also refer you to if we think their treatments would help in your healing process.