Due Date Celebrations

We live in a culture that is dictated by calendars, appointments, and busy lives.  While efficiency and timeliness are good things, they have little place in the realm of the childbearing years.  There is nothing I can think of that is less "efficient" than motherhood! (If you doubt me, try borrowing a couple toddlers and running errands with them).  We tend to think of our "Due Date" as an indelible mark on the calendar, something we fear going past and rarely enjoy getting to.  The challenge I give to my clients is to CELEBRATE their due date.  Be with those you love, go on a date, make love, get your bare feet in the earth, look at the stars, eat your favorite dessert and GIVE THANKS that you have been given the opportunity to grow a fully developed human inside of your body.  TRUST those wonderful invisible things that align in order to bring your body into labor.  BE PATIENT, knowing that this world is designed perfectly to bring your little one earth-side in the right moment.  And if you go past that date, BREATHE in gratitude and breathe out fears and anxieties.  As you relax into your own body, you will trust it more and embrace the PEACE that you want to bring your new little one into.


Our family due date celebration